Something's Fishy

Today my inspiration came from the humble canned anchovy (now no longer relegated by me to a pizza topping for ninja turtles). I had never cooked with the fish before, but tonight I sauteed it with some garlic and white wine and drizzled it over roasted cauliflower and my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of tastiness. The sauce even won over the hardened food critics know as two toddler boys who are quite particular about eating veggies as seldom as possible. I plan on doing an epicurious recipe search for anchovies and incorporating more of the goodness into my life in the near future.


Sarah M said...

Last night while at the store, I racked my brain to remember if you had tried anchovies or sardines. Of course they're right next to each other, so I just picked the least expensive that didn't look sketchy, and they're sardines. I don't even know what the difference is. Perhaps I go check that now on google. I may be exchanging these sardines for anchovies. Your recipe sounds fabulous, I need to try it!

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