Art Matters

I'm happy to report that my inspiration for today is derived from an actual discussion I participated in versus my norm of just reading a quick online article. Tonight I attended a panel discussion about critical dialogue (and the lack thereof) in the Spokane arts community. It was held at the Saranac Art Projects, a non-profit artists co-op which I just became a member of last year. It was helpful for me to get some insight into the local press and their constraints in covering the arts in any meaningful way (essentially people who read the paper aren't interested in an in depth art discussion which is fair enough). What I took away from the discussion was a desire to set up a network of peers who can give me their honest opinions of projects that I'm working on, and it's encouraging to know that these peers do actually exist in Spokane if I just spend the time to weed them out and actually put forth the invitation.


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