Dressed Down

A great mix of formal and casual from Dries Van Noten.

Spaced Out

I love this painting by Nathalie Guinamard. A very cool play on interior domestic space.

Someone get me a macaroon stat!

Last night I watched the documentary Kings of Pastry about the French MOF pastry competition. It was the perfect tired end of the day viewing, complete with nice French cafe music and people making incredible looking deserts only to throw them in the garbage and proclaim that the sugar wasn't quite right. Cameron came home right when I started to become teary about a poor chef who shattered his sugar sculpture and began sobbing in the kitchen. What can I say, it had been a long day.

Dressed Up

This dress from Theory is odd but I like its strange proportions. 
 Also I have to give a shout out to this other look from the collection which reminds me of my morning uniform of sweatpants, robe, dirty hair and of course black high heels. 

mother, mother, mother

If you're a mother like me who loves my kids more than anything but is exhausted about 90% of the time and am constantly beating myself up about not enjoying the time I have with my kids and instead find myself wishing I lived in France so I would have access to free high quality child care then this article is a must read.

Details details

My step mom Marcela has been so wonderful to us since we arrived in Houston, helping out with the kiddos and arriving with dinner for us on her birthday when the boys ended up being sick for the hundredth time since we've arrived. I decided that I needed to find a nice gift to express our appreciation and decided on a book of photographs of Carlo Scarpa's architecture. I have a small book about his work that I purchased during my semester abroad and I treasure it. My book is in black and white and when the new book arrived for Marcela I was amazed at how much color added to the interest and detail in his work. I love the seemingly simple geometry's he utilized and how thoughtfully and minutely executed they are, every small crevice in his designs are artistically considered.

Starting Off

New York fashion week starts today and here is my favorite look so far. This skirt from Creatures of the Wind is so full of humor and I love the pairing with an Amish looking button up. I always feel a little silly wearing girly skirts and this skirt embraces that silliness with pink butterflies and jeweled appliques to boot.


I love this shot from Tom Archer's 'Nothing New' series.