Let me start by prefacing that I'm not planning on getting a divorce, lest one of the two people I think actually read this blog become distressed (hi mom!), nor am I sufficiently out of debt to the point where I'm actually investing my money, but with that said, this article on got me thinking about my present apathy toward my personal finances. Every so often Cameron and I sit down and go over our finances and budget, and this usually ends with me feeling dazed with a slight knot in my stomach. Basically there are so many moving parts that it's easier for me to just zone out through most of it. This article acted as a nice wake up call for me to concentrate a bit harder next time and unlike the woman writing the article at least I can say that I do actually know that passwords to all our accounts, so that's a place to start.


Sarah M said...

I finally read this article all the way through - very interesting. I liked the part where she talks about how the person with the job that comes with a paycheck can be held in higher esteem. Jonathan doesn't think that at all, in fact he says, "I could never do what you do, the kids would make me crazy." It's me who thinks that, which I'm constantly trying to stop doing.

Anywho, I thought it was interesting in the end of the article: she made it sound like the divorce was the only way for her to become educated about her own finances. Which I guess is true for her, but I hope that I can memorize all the passwords and not have to go through a divorce. What did you think?

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