The Chop

So I'm considering cutting my hair short, as in shorter than a bob short. This would be the shortest I've ever had my hair since my bowl cut of 1983 (which I must say has stood the test of time, well done mom). So I type in short hair pics to pinterest and find a link where the first five pics include, katie couric, jane fonda and sharon stone. yikes I was not off to a great start. I have a sinking suspicion that short hair won't look great on me but I want to give it a try before it looks like I'm sporting the q-tip look beloved by elderly women everywhere.
In the off chance that anyone reads this blog and wants to have an impact on your friend and or family members hair, let me know which of the following choices you prefer (if you prefer I not cut my hair don't tell me that as it will most likely make me want to cut it all the more, as Cameron has sadly discovered).
Chloe Sevigny & Carrie Brownstein: 'Portlandia' TCA Panel! | chloe sevigny & carrie brownstein porlandia tca panel 09 - Photo
retro hair short hair: love it

just crazy enough to work

The Prada Spring 2014 is completely nuts, but I love it! The colors, textures, beading and shapes are all over the place yet they somehow work. The looks are so playful and fun. Oh when will target do a Prada colab so the other 99% can look this cool.

Pretty Pretty Prints

Here's a great article about shifting careers and what to do with a Wellesley arts education.