Discover where the children of oil executives and their playboy playmate turned blogger wives play. The structures described in the article are pretty amazing and also slightly disturbing at the same time. And as a bonus the article inspired me to start referring to my profession as an artist turned blogger since browsing the internet and posting the occasional thought seem to be about all the creative output I can muster at the moment.

Mormon in the City

I just read this article about Neylan McBaine's experience growing up and gaining a testimony in NYC. It reminded me of all the wonderful cultural experiences I had as a result of going to college near Boston and I am renewed in my determination to seek out as much as I can in Spokane to enrich my family. I am also filled with gratitude to my mother for taking me to museums, helping me take a trip to Europe as a junior high student when she had never been herself (the extreme generosity of this was shockingly only apparent to me in hindsight), and for encouraging me to dream big and helping me to go after those dreams (my Olympic bobsledding dreams notwithstanding).


And my amazon wish list of books continues to grow. It sure would be nice to fly to NYC and see the Alexander McQueen show at the Met for myself but alas 29$ on amazon for the exhibition catalogue will have to do.

The Night Out

Cameron and I had an early anniversary night out last week while my madre was in town. We saw the new Woody Allen movie and it was the perfect escapist entertainment. Every frazzled housewife and one time artist needs to imagine themselves in Paris in the 1920's now and then.

Magdelena's Weaving

I'm currently in the middle of reading Nicholas Weber's 'The Bauhaus Group: Six Masters of Modernism' (which apparently doesn't have the most attractive cover as my ob-gyn queried, "why would you want to read that?" when she found me flipping through it in the waiting room.) Well here's my answer, It's a really fascinating look inside the Bauhaus and the European art scene between the wars. I just finished up the chapter on Paul Klee, the painter who taught the intro weaving courses at the Bauhaus. This chapter got me thinking about the use of thread and fabric in my own work and I took a little trip down memory lane looking at the work of Magdelena Abacanowicz online last night. I feel such a kinship to her work, the material and subject matter she explores and now I'm thinking I might like to begin doing a little weaving myself if I can track down a good teacher in Spokane.