Bigger is Better

I'm not sure this post counts as something that inspires me, it's more of an observation, but here goes. I was driving the boys over to a park in the neighborhood next to ours (we live in a predominantly Hispanic area just outside of Bellaire which is a neighborhood predominantly landscaped by Hispanics) and I couldn't believe just how big every house was in relation to the lot size. It looked like the houses were made of that expanding foam stuff and just ballooned up to fill the entire space. I guess it makes sense to have a lot of indoor space since the summer weather is so inhospitable. I'm sure I'll get used to it after a while but at the moment I continue to be amazed at these houses that look like they're on steroids. 


Not the actual burger I ate, I had mine with street corn which was also awesome.
I'm still dreaming about a hamburger I ate four weeks ago so I figure it deserves a blog post. My lovely  amiga Suzanne took me to the Black Sheep Cafe in good ol'Provo during my visit to Utah and my life was changed in a very deep and profound way from that day forward. I'm usually not one to go on about hamburgers. We went through a phase where Red Robin was the only restaurant loud enough for us to bring all the kids without drawing attention to ourselves and I can honestly say if I never eat another one of their hamburgers again I can die a happy woman. However the "Goat Burger" at the Black Sheep deserves to be it's own food group. I recommend anyone within a 50 mile radius of Provo high tail it over there and keep that place in business until I can make it back up north.

Loafing Around

I love these loafers that are on sale at Opening Ceremony. A classic in primary colors is a nice twist.

Painting away

My quest to find ideas online for interior paint colors has been a bit of a bust aside from discovering this great image of a child's play house. I love the grey, acid yellow and dark wood look to the point that I began imagining how to use these colors on the exterior of my imaginary dream house.