This has gone too far!

Typically this blog is for things that inspire me, but in my quest to be inspired on pinterest I was accosted by this image with the title "nutella brownie oreo cupcakes with nutella frosting". I mean really! I used to eat Nutella by the spoonful in Italy but even I think this is going too far. A brownie cupcake with an oreo shoved into it and covered in Nuttela, that is just crazy.

A Favorite

A great interview with one of my favorite designers Dries Van Noten. Those Belgians, so creative and yet so grounded and thoughtful (truthfully he's the only Belgian I'm familiar with but I'll just assume they're all the same). 

Constructivist Fashion

I love these simple drawings.

And I have no idea what is being advertised in this poster but I kind of love it. (unless of course it's some recruitment poster for stalin's youth organization or something, Russian anyone?)