Painted Picture

Cool painted photos by Shae Detar.

Falling Short

I love the random stuff I find on Netflix online. The latest gem I've unearthed from the late 90's is the comedy central show Primetime Glick with Martin Short. His bizarre references and vocab are a wonder to behold. The best interview show by far.


my life at the moment

The 80's, 90's and Today!

Cameron has been singing this Temple of the Dog song on and off for the last week and I can't get it out of my head. Plus it's one of those songs where I only know the first few lines, making it all the more painful to play over and over in my mind. On the bright side it reminded me to watch this great Eddie Vedder cameo on Portlandia.


Kohl's always makes me think of the Daisy Fuentes collection for some reason. I've never been tempted to shop there until I had a lightening bolt shoot across my screen in the form of an ad for Narciso Rodriguez for Kohl's. OK perhaps that's a bit dramatic, but I love love love his clothes and heaven knows I can't afford anything that has appeared on a runway, so this is my chance! Here are my favorite looks (also I love that the model looks like she's in her 30's).

A Case of the Blues

A cool shirt from 3.1 Philip Lim. It looks like a mash up of denim and it reminds me a bit of my mother-in-law and her impressive ability to patch up even the most dire pair of jeans. I'm not a huge fan of the pants or shoes but I think the shirt would look great with a nice pair of black pants.

stairway to heaven

Jamie Kripke: Alps 40
I've been missing the mountains of Utah out here in flat as a board Texas. This place it nuts, I have yet to encounter even a single hill. When I came back to UT for a friends wedding last week, seeing the landscape was like a breath of fresh air and it definitely felt like home.