Daytime Talk

I just read an article on Oprah in the Atlantic. The title was "What's so great about Oprah?" so I was expecting a bit of snark. Surprisingly though I came away feeling a little misty, even though I really never watched her show much growing up so don't have many personal tv connections with her (if there is such a thing). I didn't know about her impoverished childhood and I was so impressed by how far she has come and how much she has given back.


I really enjoyed listening to this interview with David Brooks of the NYTimes. I thought his assessment of Romney and Obama were right on and it was also interesting to hear his comments on what fiscal change needs to occur within US government.

American Masters

Last night Cameron and I watched Part 2 of the new Woody Allen documentary on It was such a great mix of interviews with Allen as well as friends and family and clips from his films. I definitely came away with an admiration for his constant dedication to his creative process and as a bonus I've never laughed so much watching a documentary.

Night of a Thousand Laughs

Mindy Kaling is my new internet obsession. I've been reading her articles and blogs quite a bit lately and tonight's new yorker article was a true gem. There is something so therapeutic about guffawing out loud to yourself while staring at a computer screen.


This new simpson's episode is a classic and a must view for all top chef fans.

The time has come...

If the nations truckers are starting to get in shape I suppose the time has come for me to start exercising again as well.


I read a few profiles from the Mormon Women Project every Sunday while I'm getting ready for church. I love to start the week being inspired by these unique and talented women. Today I read a great interview with a woman who started a business selling artisnal crafts from various developing countries. I found a few items on the site that were really beautiful and even looked perfect for my little boys (wooden puzzles from India).

Bernhard Lang

Again the only art I seem to be looking at these days is photography since my main outlet to the art word is the internet. Phaidon sends me emails almost everyday which should be annoying but I so long to buy overpriced art books. Today I got a link to this great slide show of aerial images by Bernhard Lang.

Laughs with the BBC

Tonight I'm going to strong arm Cameron into watching some Bertie and Jeeves with me since I have a soft spot for everything PG Woodhouse. My mom read his books during my junior high and high school days and I'd often find them around the house and crack them open for a good laugh.

Speaking of a good British laugh I need to borrow my moms VHS series of Fawlty Towers again, just looking at this photo makes me smile, ah good ol' Manuel.

Judge Judy

Yesterday we had a great lesson in church about the mistakes we make in judging others and then I ran across this article which was another great reminder to look past appearances. As a side note I can't believe I now visit a website called HelloGiggles, bizarre!

Year of 4

As I no longer go to clubs or listen to top 40 radio anymore, Beyonce has been off my radar for a while (Full disclosure one of my programmed car radio stations uses John Tesh for their evening DJ, who provides a variety of hilariously obvious helpful tips to his listeners ). But this morning I found a link from Mindy Kaling's blog to this documentary of Beyonce's last album and by the end I was totally inspired to turn up the volume a bit in my current adult-contemporary life.