Who are the best

Last night Cameron and I finally finished Amazing Journey: The Story of The Who on Netflix. The documentary  had great interviews with Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend. I thought it was interesting to see the evolution of the band, how these rock stars dealt with aging and what they did when their best work was behind them. I was also amazed at how many famous songs Pete wrote which are now such a part of pop culture from their use in movies and commercials. And finally the footage of Keith Moon is crazy, including pastimes such as dressing up like a pirate and running down the beach in Malibu.


mooshercat said...

Just watched it on Hulu and it brought back so many memories. Who's Next was the sound track to our summer waterskiing trip with Susan Sailer in 1975. It was also the music that constantly rumbled from the room below mine as Lee cranked up the volume and played along on his drums!

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