Blank File

In the late 90's there was a little show called 'Fashion File' on the style network, hosted by Tim Blanks (randomly google has informed me that it was a big hit in Canada). I remember the network had the oddest programming and seemed to basically just run a lot of reruns of shows from other networks. Fashion File was definitely the diamond in the ruff. It was on at the oddest hours so I was always overjoyed when I was able to catch an episode. So much of television's coverage of fashion is celebrity based and super cheesy, with Fashion File being the notable exception (and Style with Elsa Klensch on CNN). Tim Blanks is a great journalist and just happens to report on fashion. Today while I was browsing Hulu after putting the boys to bed I stumbled upon a great series of designer documentary's produced by the Fashion File team about 10 years ago. The interview with Alexander McQueen was so interesting to see in light of how his style evolved over the next ten years and his untimely death. Definitely worth a watch.


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