The Art You Cannot Avoid

The most random of the pictures Cameron took of me for my written masters thesis, which focused on the analysis of architecture and the human scale in my artwork.
I just read this great opinion article in the nytimes about the need for architectural criticism. The author highlights the indecipherability of much of the academic architectural criticism. Reading this brought me back to my days of trying to plow through the reading for grad school architectural history courses and feeling that I was comprehending about a tenth of what was written. The author also discusses the importance of being able to truly express the experience of being in a space, with all its subtly and nuance in writing about architecture. This took me to happier memories of one architectural design course which required sitting in a piazza for hours on end to analyze the flow of traffic and see how people interacted with the space, or my first design class at MIT where the professor took us to the engineering library and had us knocking on the walls to gain a better understanding of the tactile nature of the building materials. Alrighty enough nostaliga for now, long story short, the article is worth a read.


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