Oh Gloria!

The Daily Dose o'Danielle has risen from the ashes! Motivated by the never ending winter and grey sky's, I'm back to find something to inspire me each day and share, so here goes. (and apologizes for the random formatting issues from my older posts, i wanted to include them but I'm not about to spend all day resizing images)

I randomly picked up this pictorial biography of Gloria Vanderbilt as a result of arriving at the library 15 minutes before closing and spending the first 13 minutes trying to track down a potty training DVD to no avail. Who knew she was such a talented and creative woman? Actually most people may know this, but I was totally in the dark and knew her only as the name on the back of jeans from the 70's. Her interior designs were completely inspiring and over the top which I loved. The woman covered her walls, floors and ceiling in quilts and then lacquered over the floor until it became a hard flat surface, genius!


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