Just Kids

I read a quote recently where someone mentioned that New York City used to be filled with artists and intellectuals and now it's for tourists and people with money, which seemed about right to me from what I remember of my visits to Cameron's place in upper Manhattan. I loved visiting but remember thinking that it would be a great place to live if you were completely loaded with money. Anywho the random source of the quote who I can't remember for the life of me, mentioned that Patti Smith's biography of her time in New York was a great reminder of what NYC was like in the 1970's. So when I saw 'Just Kids' at the library I picked it up and have really loved her honest, unpretentious style and narrative voice. It's great to read about artist's starving for their craft and I'm hoping I can get my own creative juices flowing again since I've been in a bit of an creative funk lately. It was also nice to get a more well rounded view of Robert Mapplethorpe who up to now I had simply known as the lightening rod in the culture wars of the 1980's, and was a bit disillusioned with after having his bullwhip photograph constantly assaulting at me in grad school lectures.


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