The House that Frank Built

I'm not a mom that's super into scoping out toys for my kiddos, they seem to be happiest playing with rocks and sticks which is fine by me and fits perfectly into our budget. However the other day I stumbled upon this lego set that I bookmarked in my hope of actually owning it some day. Like any good architecture student I'm a big fan of FLW. My good buddy Sarita and I took a memorable detour to visit Falling Water on our cross country drive back to school senior year. Actually being in the space (with original furniture to boot!) was worth every penny of the exorbitant entry fee.


Sarah M said...

Ahh, I loved that trip. You opened my eyes to good architecture, and now I feel like I hear about FLW all over the place.

Danielle Hatch said...

That trip was the best! Random meals of canned corn and chicken eaten at the side of the road, state capitals memorized, pup tents collapsing in on us, it doesn't get any better :)

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