Gym Crush

I've always had a soft spot for lowbrow tv shows. Not the lowest of the low mind you, ie no jerry springer or local news. But just a step above that, say the early Real World episodes that I would clandestinely watch when my mom wasn't around (since MTV was not allowed in the Eddington house), or watching the Baywatch reunion show at Wellesley with Haley who also secretly used to watch the show (kelly slater was on it ok, and he's kind of cool right?), or more recently watching Australia's Next Top Model on youtube while working on my master's thesis project (far superior to the US version, they've actually produced a supermodel!).
Anywho for the last few years we've been sans TV so my only entertainment has been heavily edited via Netflix. However, over the last six months or so I've been working out at the YMCA and been forced to watch TV while I workout on the elliptical (I can't bring myself to stare at the wall for 30 mins). I have to admit that I'm now appalled at, bored by, or mystified at pretty much everything I see, granted maybe it's the hour, no good programming at 9am? Anywho it's making me feel like an old fart. I flip past MTV and suddenly I no longer think the downfall of Western civilization is fun viewing. I have to chalk it up to having kids and suddenly worrying about the crazy people that are going to inhabit the planet with them when I'm gone or worse they might become one of these loons.
Well this has been an overly long way of saying the only channel I can bare to watch (aside from the blessings of a Top Chef rerun at 9am) is the HGTV channel. As a person with some design background I'm a little ashamed of my new found affection for these slightly middle of the road makeovers, but who cares, at least I don't worry about the fate of humanity after watching someone get a new bathroom. My favorite show by far is Property Brothers, I have a secret gym crush on these random realtor/contractor twins and their affable way of dealing with some pretty loony clients. Wow I really am an old fart, sigh, but hey it's a step up from romance novels right?


Sarah M said...

Your writing and musings are so funny! Thanks for making me laugh here on my couch.

Danielle Hatch said...

ah thanks sarita. i hope some day we can meet up for a visit and laugh together on the couch :)

davenash said...

I especially liked to watch White Collar with Matt Bomer, and I couldn't figure out was entirely predictable and lots of the acting was bad (Tiffany Amber Thiessen). It wasn't until I felt completely devastated when I learned that Matt Bomer is actually gay and happily co-habitating with his parter and two children that I realized the underlying affinity for the show.

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