A New Face

I love the new SANNA designed building for the New Museum in NYC. Full disclosure I am not familiar with the old new museum, but I love the lightness of the new building and the haphazard stacked up boxes look of is form. Here's a glowing review from the NYTimes.

A Trip

This hotel encompasses everything I dream about in a vacation. The beautiful Italian countryside, gorgeous historical architecture with modern amenities (ie towels which don't have to be hung out to dry), and incredibly delicious Italian food. Ah! I must get off the Goop email list so I stop dreaming about vacations for people who have academy awards and are married to rock stars.
Back in the land of reality, Cameron and I just spent a whopping zero dollars for our anniversary accommodations as we decided to camp out up near Sandpoint, ID. Though there were no Michelin stared chef's present, the trip was great in it's own way. We managed not to burn our foil dinner in the fire (a small miracle) and I don't seem to have contracted the west nile virus (a huge miracle considering I forgot the bug spray and was practically eaten alive).

Ah Paris

I'm a sucker for any film that takes place in Paris and Broken English was no exception. Cameron went to bed within minutes of watching an intro scene where two women practice yoga and talk about their feelings, so perhaps it's not the best film to watch with the men folk but it is definitely a winner in my book.

Bro and Sis

the Astaires in London, 1923 Photograph: Fox Photos/Hulton Archive
I love this photo of Fred and Adele Astaire.

Couture du jour

Here are two of my favorite looks from Raf Simons first collection for Dior. Makeup usually doesn't show up much on my radar but I love the neon pink lips with the subdued black suit and pink shoes with the black dress.