Not the actual burger I ate, I had mine with street corn which was also awesome.
I'm still dreaming about a hamburger I ate four weeks ago so I figure it deserves a blog post. My lovely  amiga Suzanne took me to the Black Sheep Cafe in good ol'Provo during my visit to Utah and my life was changed in a very deep and profound way from that day forward. I'm usually not one to go on about hamburgers. We went through a phase where Red Robin was the only restaurant loud enough for us to bring all the kids without drawing attention to ourselves and I can honestly say if I never eat another one of their hamburgers again I can die a happy woman. However the "Goat Burger" at the Black Sheep deserves to be it's own food group. I recommend anyone within a 50 mile radius of Provo high tail it over there and keep that place in business until I can make it back up north.


Sarah M said...

That looks amazing! I'm loving burgers ever since last year. Doesn't work so much with the attempts at being vegan, but whatever.

mooshercat said...

I'm working on getting Jim to take me there. I need to try that Blue Burger!

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