1,210,900 pounds of art

I just read an interesting article about the relocation of this giant rock for an installation outside of the LACMA. I can sympathize with Michael Govan since I'm also having a hard time getting my show together in time for the January opening, but in the spirit of getting things done I'll stop posting things on line and get to work.

Art Springs in Arkansas

I just read this interesting article about the new walmart funded art museum that just opened up in Arkansas.


The nights of Netflix continue. We just finished watching this great documentary about the Brazilian formula one driver Ayrton Senna. The driving footage from inside the cars is incredible to watch and it definitely made race car driving seem like an exhausting physical sport. And as a bonus to all "the office" fans he's a dead ringer for Jim.

Mookie Blaylock

Cam and I just watched Cameron Crowe's documentary about Pearl Jam and loved it. The footage from the early nineties was pretty priceless and it certainly made me feel better about my worries that Hamilton's hair was getting too long (see below).

A Goodreads Flake

I have a goodreads account but I've come to accept that I just don't have the time to update multiple sites at the moment (much to the sadness of twitter readers everywhere it may be quite a while before I jump on that bandwagon).
So here is my latest reading update! I just read two books this week, which upon further consideration makes me think I must actually have more free time than I think I do. Anywho, today I finished up Half Broke Horses which I really enjoyed. Nothing beats a no nonsense female protagonist who knows how to get things done. I enjoyed this book so much that I promptly went out and bought a copy for my mother in law for a Christmas present. She is the epitome of a no nonsense, get things done kind of lady and she is a horse lover to boot so it was a perfect match!
The other book I finished up was Tina Fey's bio, Bossypants, which deserved to be read on the merits of the title alone. It was funny though not quite the laugh fest that I was expecting. I mainly came away thinking, "man she has such a completely jam packed hectic life" and also "I'll never write anything bad about her online because she may spend an entire chapter of a book verbally taking me down to size." Being a mother and having a successful career is tough or so I gathered since alas I have not had my retrospective at the MOMA yet.


is the title of my upcoming show

and below is the material i'll be using for the installation. wish me luck because I'm definitely going to need it on this one!

winter wear

I love these coats by Christopher Raeburn. All his fabrics are re-purposed British military uniforms and parachutes.