A Goodreads Flake

I have a goodreads account but I've come to accept that I just don't have the time to update multiple sites at the moment (much to the sadness of twitter readers everywhere it may be quite a while before I jump on that bandwagon).
So here is my latest reading update! I just read two books this week, which upon further consideration makes me think I must actually have more free time than I think I do. Anywho, today I finished up Half Broke Horses which I really enjoyed. Nothing beats a no nonsense female protagonist who knows how to get things done. I enjoyed this book so much that I promptly went out and bought a copy for my mother in law for a Christmas present. She is the epitome of a no nonsense, get things done kind of lady and she is a horse lover to boot so it was a perfect match!
The other book I finished up was Tina Fey's bio, Bossypants, which deserved to be read on the merits of the title alone. It was funny though not quite the laugh fest that I was expecting. I mainly came away thinking, "man she has such a completely jam packed hectic life" and also "I'll never write anything bad about her online because she may spend an entire chapter of a book verbally taking me down to size." Being a mother and having a successful career is tough or so I gathered since alas I have not had my retrospective at the MOMA yet.


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