A Nice Place

I'm back from the dead, well actually I'm currently feeling like death with the onset of some sort of cold/flu, but I'm back from extended vacations and ready to blog again! I've been reading about five books at the same time and just started wrapping them up which should restore a little order to my bedside table and provide some fodder for the ol'blog. Anywho I loved Michael Pollan's 'A Place of My Own: The architecture of daydreams'. The book takes you through the design and construction of his writing cottage in the woods and also offers a random history of architecture. I've been thinking a lot about homes lately, not surprising since I seem to get out less and less these days. My next show is in January and I'm thinking of something to do with the duality of public and private spaces in suburban homes (my stomping ground). I'm not sure if this will end up being something photographic or sculptural so we'll see. If you live close and would be willing to let me come photograph your favorite public and private spaces in your home let me know!


Nicole Hansen said...

I hope you start feeling better soon. I like the sound of your upcoming project. You are certainly welcome to come back to Utah and photograph my favorite home spaces!...and we can go out to eat, and to the movies, and play, play, play!!!

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