Geometric Food Art

Apparently this is a thing, who knew?

Atkins Diet Inducer

I tend to post things that I find visually appealing, but in honor of Halloween I present the most disturbing image I've seen in a long time. Behold the sexually transmitted infection cupcakes (including herpes and genital warts) available now at London pathology museum bakery.

Eames at Home

I love Renzo Piano's description of the Eames house:
This is a place where you can live out your dreams of happiness, surrounded by your family.


As an adolescent growing up in Utah I dreamed of many things including living in Paris some day and more immediately having a trampoline in my backyard like all the rich kids in the neighborhood. Now these two seemingly disparate desires have met up in one awesome looking bridge design for the city of Paris. If they build it I will come.

Pic me up

I love these aerial pics by Giles Price of the construction leading up to the London Olympics. I also randomly love the name Giles. Not sure why I like the name since the only Giles I'm familiar with was a contestant on Project Catwalk, the British cousin to Project Runway that I used to watch in college on youtube in five minute increments.