visual clutter of objects

Hoarders see patterns in objects, and are both delighted by those patterns and trapped in them. 

I liked this quote from an article about design perfectionists. Not that I want to advocate hoarding, but it is interesting to look at the visual patterns in these spaces.

An American Reading in Spokane

Today I'm starting David McCullough's latest book, A Greater Journey: American's in Paris. It didn't get the best reviews but I love his other books and I love Paris so I figure it can't be the worst way to spend my time. Plus Mr. McCullough seems like such a wonderful man. I saw a PBS interview with him a few years ago and they showed him singing joyfully at the piano with his wife. It was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. He's also not without a sense of humor, just thinking of his interview with Steven Colbert makes me smile.

Outsider Art

James Estrin/The New York Times
I've been on a bit of a foil tape kick lately. I bought a big box of the stuff for my show at the Saranac and the left over rolls have been used to create Chinese lion costumes and space ships for the boys. Based on my current affinity for the material I was really drawn to these foil sculptures by Dean Millien at the LAND gallery in NY.

The Best

This show is just the best.

A Funny Story

I'm just finishing up Mindy Kaling's book that I finally got from the library (I was the thirtieth person on the waiting list so I was anticipating reading it in 2014). This book is pure gold. She comes across as such a nice, happy person who happens to be funny and intelligent. It's been a relaxing read, which I definitely need at the end of the day, but it's not some chick lit book where you can feel your brain cells shriveling up while reading it. Also she loves her parents and talks about how great they are, which I love. Basically she is my Oprah, if she told me to read a book I would go out to the bookstore and buy it, now that is power.
Here's one of my favorite passages:
A note about me: I do not think stress is a legitimate topic of conversation, in public anyway. No one ever wants to hear how stressed out anyone else is, because most of the time everyone is stressed out. Going on and on in detail about how stressed out I am isn't conversation. It'll never lead anywhere. No one is going to say, "Wow, Mindy, you really have it especially bad. I have heard some stories of stress, but this one just takes the cake."
This was a good-natured reminder to me to keep my stress thoughts to myself.

The Divine DV

I'm just finishing up Eleanor Dwight's biography of Diana Vreeland and I've been really inspired by her interior designs. The thought of having an office with lacquer red walls sounds pretty fantastic. I'm thinking since making art has been so difficult for me due to my complete mental and physical exhaustion at the end of the day, perhaps a nice jolt of red in my studio might be just what I need to get going.

A Little Bit of a Good Thing

I love watching clips of Portlandia on Hulu when I need a quick laugh. However, I've been so impressed with how consistently funny the clips are that I'm afraid to actually watch 30mins and have it not be as funny. This is clearly a life threatening decision that I'm battling with here. So anyone seen the show? is it actually as funny as the promos?

Pricey Eats

I just read this biography of Grant Achatz the chef of Alinea in Chicago. It was a really interesting look inside one of the best restaurants in the US, though reading about incredible food did cause me to constantly bemoan my non dairy and soy diet. I'm sure that delicious vegan food exists, I just don't have much knowledge about it so I've ended up eating a lot of steamed veggies and rice, ie the most boring food known to man.

Wharton's 150

Byron Co. Collection/Museum of the City of New York
Two of my favorite things, Edith Wharton (The House of Mirth is one of my favorite books) and Downton Abbey (the english language version of an addicting telemundo novela) in one article.

Some Friendly Inspiration

In honor of my best friend Suzanne's birthday yesterday here's a link to her incredible attic apartment that she renovated. I have such fond memories of climbing through the window in the living room to sit on the roof and lay out. We would listen to Bob Marley and drink Mountain Dew in one of those cups that can be frozen to keep your drink cool without watering it down, good times! In retrospect it wasn't the healthiest of pastimes but it was great none the less. (And speaking of talented high school friends this photo was taken by my volleyball co-captain Meikel Reece aka Muckaluckaboomboom.)

Straight Shooter

The bounty of Netflix documentaries continues to provide. Last night right before bed I started watching "Bill Cunningham, New York" a documentary about the street photographer for the NYTimes and it was so good I couldn't turn in off. Cameron even joined me for the second half and remarked that he is such an honorable guy (not the typical reaction to a fashion documentary). The scene at the end of the film where he discusses religion is really heart breaking and I came away from the movie completely amazed at what a unique individual Mr. Cunningham is.

Head to Toe Red

I like this monochrome look from Giambattista Valli's Pre fall collection. I also thought the cork heeled wedges with dark tights was a nice unexpected touch.


I love this installation by Yayoi Kusama. The viewer's interaction with the piece seems so natural and produced such a striking result.