two for two

Watching two black and white movies about New York in two days feels random but I just watched Frances Ha and it was really incredible. I put it in my top two list for the year along with the hunger games which makes it in by default since it's the only movie I can remember seeing in the theatre this year. But back to Frances Ha, it's on Netflix and has some foul language but is really a fantastic movie about friendship, creativity, life in general.


"Sure, I had my tough times, but you don't sit there and say, 'Wow, I was stocking groceries five years ago, and look at me now.' You don't think about it, and when you do achieve something, you know luck has nothing to do with it."

I came across this quote from Kurt Warner, while helping my son with his state report on Iowa. Somehow it has inspired my to keep at the ol'art making while in my currently position of unpaid grocery shopper, maid, childcare provider etc. and who knows what can happen in five years, I could be playing in the NFL.

The Big City

I watched Woody Allen's Manhattan today for the first time, while doing the dishes/laundry (hey if I can't talk to other adults while visiting art galleries the next best thing must be watching people act out the scenario).

I was so moved by the gorgeous cinematography and the musical score. The acting was great, I love me some Diana Keaton, and minus the slightly creepy vibe of Woody Allen dating a 16 year old, I felt transported back to my few visits to Manhattan while Cameron was living there (though sadly there was no mention of Dominican food which remains a cornerstone of my New York visits).