Read Along

I love getting a chance to read a few articles on the Mormon Women Project's website each Sunday. I always feel uplifted and in awe of the great variety and strength of these women. Here's a quote that really struck me from an interview with Tina Richerson:
If we try to live up to some ridiculous idea of perfection we totally miss grace, we completely miss grace. Grace is something we need to embrace; the Lord knows us, and He doesn’t want us to be like everyone else. He didn’t make us to be like everyone else. We’re all individuals and he needs us to do his work to build up Zion to strengthen and edify each other. We are all part of the same body but if the body is walking around with the knee thinking it’s supposed to be the nose or the head thinking it’s supposed to be the shoulder… You can’t do your job if you think you are supposed to be something else. Just find out who you are in the Lord and make your space in the Church. 

Garden Envy

Two days ago while getting my tires changed I secretly stole a page out of one of the magazines in the waiting room. Actually I take that back, after four hundred dollars spent I consider that I paid for the page I took. But anywho it was a blurb about a monograph for the landscape design firm Nelson Byrd Woltz. It was just a few sentences but the small photo was so beautiful I had to look them up to see more. Here are some of my favorite images from their site.

2 tbsps of Tranquil

It's been a long, tiring day but somehow staring at this painting by Eugenie Marais feels a bit therapeutic  now if I can just buy one of those tubs to soak your feet in I'll be all set.

Louise Please

I like these paintings by Louise Belcourt. They remind me of the landscape of my childhood growing up in Carpinteria mixed with my love of cutting up magazines. 
Mound, Paper Small #5 :: Click to open a larger image.
Mound, gouache on paper, 013

Mound, Paper Small #3 :: Click to open a larger image.
Mound, gouache on paper, 2013