Great Shot!

Great photos by Delaney Allen.

O'Grady Lady

I was looking at the Davis Museum's website to see what's new (where have all the curators gone?) and discovered the artist and alum Lorraine O'Grady. I'm a little embarrassed that my art history background is so patchy that I'd never heard about her in the first place. Anywho she has a great website with tons of info and images of her work. It's worth a look.

The Wild Kingdom

Two great movies that capture how bizarre, magical and unfair life seems to be when you're a kid.


Behold the best chocolate bar around. The perfect blend of dark chocolate, with a hint of toffee, sea salt and pecans. Meals at our home are quite the affair these days. Trying to get little boys to stay seated, not kick one another or throw food, and actually eat something takes every once of energy I have. Eating a few pieces of chocolate post meal is just the ticket to electro-shock me back into coherence. Bonus points for naming the Seinfeld reference in this post :)

Color Coated

Love the color combinations at Wooyoungmi's Menswear show.


Great long coats at Celine Pre Fall. Love how long and slender everything is, the coat, the bag, the shoes, etc.
I also love the razor pleats on this leather skirt.

Isn't it lovely

I love the simplicity and beauty of the packaging for this bakery in Mexico City.

The Ultimate Upholstery

My favorite architecture professor Filippo designed this lovely home, but I can't get enough of the rock-like seating in the right corner. Wayne sums up how I feel about these bad boys with the following statement: