I remember my first visit to Colombia when I was around 13 years old. My father had a beautiful modern home full of some great art, (I seem to remember a two story tall nude painting confronting me as I walked in the door) and surrounded by beautiful countryside. The only meal I remember from that trip was a delicious soup prepared by my father's lovely wife Marcela. I remember distinctly all the flavors of soup, the corn, potatoes, cilantro, avocado, which came together to create one wonderful meal. I tried to recreate this soup from a recipe online when I first got married and was met with quite poor results, so I was delighted to find this article in the NYTimes addressing the joy of a good bowl of ajicao.

Right to Life?

Well this is quite a departure from my last post but here goes. I just read an interesting blog post about the assassination of Anwar al-Awlaki written by the son of our Stake President in Carpinteria.

A Good Laugh

In my defense I discovered this video as it was linked to from a NYTimes article, ah early MTV, enjoy!

Beatrice Wood

When I'm 90 I hope I too can live the life of Beatrice Wood, living in beautiful Ojai, CA, being an accomplished artist and sculpting all day with occasional breaks to work in the garden and of course owning one awesome jewelry collection.

Bathroom Decor

I would never have thought to put postcards in a bathroom but I love the look of it covering the walls and floors. Plus as someone who also has a closet sized bathroom it adds so much interest to a small space. Check out the rest of the casa here.

Patti's Photos

Here's a nice little article about Patti Smith and her upcoming show of photography. She is quite the renaissance woman.

cool casa

I love the playfulness of this apartment. The stumps of wood in the kids room and the sheep grazing on the carpet are my fav.