The City Museum

I just read an obit for the founder of the City Museum in St. Louis (who oddly enough died in a bulldozer accident). It's inspiring to see what an amazing space can be created through one person's vision. The museum describes itself as "an eclectic mixture of children’s playground, fun house, surrealistic pavilion, and architectural marvel made out of unique, found objects." Spokane is renown for it many odd items strewn around the city and parked on people's lawns, if I'm still around in 30 years perhaps I'll start collecting and build a space of my own.


I love these looks from the Burberry Spring 2012 show last week. The skirts are positively wholesome.


"My interest is in finding my own way."
—Eva Hesse, 1970

Another show, another far away location. I would love to fly to Boston and check out this show of the studio work of Eva Hesse, one of my favorite artists. But to avoid feeling sorry for myself, I'll settle for going downstairs and reading about her instead.

Mormon Identities

Here's a great interview with the founder of the Mormon Women Project. Reading about these various women who are each leading exemplary lives in their own unique way was so inspiring to me. In the interview they describe a modern pioneer women as someone who asks themselves what is possible and then has the strength to follow through and magnify their potential.

My kind of hand made

I love this slideshow of images from the home of a carpenter living in Maine. The idea of having random pieces of driftwood in your house is a little hippie for my taste but this guy has changed my mind. His driftwood collages have a great minimalist quality to them and his floor lamp is to die for.