Morals via Murals

OK the title is a bit misleading since The Garden of Earthly Delights by Hieronymus Bosch isn't a mural painting so much a a triptych on wood panels. But here is a link to an interesting read on moral philosophy as it relates to Bosch's seminal work.

Rietveld-Schröder House

My love of architecture began in earnest my freshman year of college in the class '19th and 20th century architecture' taught by Alice Friedman. This was the first time I literally loved the material that I was learning each week in class and couldn't wait to hear more. The NYTimes has an article here about the Rietveld-Schröder House in Utrecht that was one of my favorites that we studied in that course.

Jacob Holdt's American Pictures

Danish photographer Jacob Holdt's photographic record of his five year journey across the US in the 70s has been really interesting to flip through lately. I'm thinking that my work for this upcoming show needs to be more grounded in my day to day reality of living in Spokane, so we'll see how this ends up manifesting itself in the work.

Turbine Hall

The Turbine Hall at Tate Modern has been carpeted with more than 100 million "sunflower seeds" - the latest commission in the gallery's popular Unilever Series. Visitors will be able to walk on and touch the seeds - the brainchild of Chinese artist Ai Weiwei - which are in fact made of porcelain. Each imitation seed husk was individually handcrafted by skilled artisans and now covers 1,000 square metres of the London gallery's Turbine Hall. The ceramic seeds were moulded, fired at soaring temperatures, hand-painted and then fired again over the course of two years.

Home Made

I love this home designed and built by the sculptor Patrick Dougherty. The resourcefulness and craftsmanship speak of the immense dedication of time and love for the place itself and stands in such contrast to the majority of homes built today as quickly and with as little thought as possible.


Watching this video produced by my local church congregation has inspired me to seek out more opportunities to serve others within my community.

Gallery Sit

Tonight I did my monthly gallery sit at the Saranac. I loved a drawing by Scott Kolbo titled, 'Grandpa Makes a Racist Comment' now if only I had an extra $600 lying around it would be mine.

The Chorus

Tonight Cameron and I watched the French film Les Choristes. I was inspired by one of the characters dedication to his creative pursuits in spite of his knowledge that he will never receive any recognition. The film itself was really enjoyable if not very groundbreaking. It's the typical inspiring teaching tale but the acting and casting are great and having two rascally boys of my own I enjoyed it all the more.

The Perfect Loaf

This recipe was given to me by Michael Schmitt, the artist and wood shop overseer extraordinaire at UC-Santa Barbara. Michael inspired me daily with his amazing looking lunches he managed to prepare each day from his small wood shop office using only a toaster oven. As I would sit eating some barely edible panda express he would be dinning on fresh bread and tomatoes from his garden and telling me stories about his time in France. This recipe is perfect for bread novices like myself and is really wonderful right out of the oven with a sharp cheese.